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“Cimri, ne čimri” in Venice News & other published articles

Published articles of the exhibition “Cimri, ne čimri” (English: Flatmates, Italian: Coinquilini): Venice News

“Cimri, ne čimri” – The last goodbye!

Two days ago (10th May 2014) the exhibition “Cimri, ne čimri” (Flatmates) officially closed in Venice, Italy, in Slovenian Pavilion, after it was opened for two months. You can read more about it on the Famul VideoLab official webpage: CLICK. Watch video teaser of the exhibition:

Video teaser for “Flatmates”

Video teaser for exhibition “Flatmates”, which is on display until 10th of May in Slovenian Exhibition Center in Venice, Italy! You are invited to seef the exhibition “Flatmates” in Gallery A+A in Venice, where the following artist are presenting their work: Tomaž Burlin, Pila Rusjan, Noemi Veberič Levovnik and Valerie

Newspaper Primorske Novice and Tribuna

Article about exhibition “Cimri, ne čimri” (exhibiting artists:  Tomaž Burlin, Pila Rusjan, Noemi Veberič Levovnik and Valerie Wolf Gang) in newspaper Primorske novice. Read full article online HERE. You can also read a day-by-day blog of the behind the scenes exhibition set up on Famul VideoLab official webpage. In newspaper Tribuna you could also

“Cimri, ne čimri” / exhibition opening in Slovenian Exhibition Center, Venice

Yesterday was the official opening of the exhibition “Cimri, ne čimri” (Flatmates) in the Slovenian Exhibition Center in Venice (exhibiting artist: Tomaž Burlin, Pila Rusjan, Noemi Veberič Levovnik and Valerie Wolf Gang). The exhibition is now opened until 10th May 2014 so you are welcome to visit Venice, the city of love and art, and also visit the gallery

Venice exhibition set up / “Cimri, ne čimri” blog

Exhibition opening  in Venice, Slovenian Exhibition Center, is getting closer (20th of March 2014) and you can follow the progress of four artist (Tomaž Burlin, Pila Rusjan, Noemi Veberič Levovnik and Valerie Wolf Gang) on the daily blog on FamulVideoLab official page: LINK Some of the photos from blog: Find more photo moments on

Upcoming exhibition in Venice: Cimri ne Čimri / Flatmates

Invitation flyer (Cimri ne Čimri) / front Invitation flyer (Cimri ne Čimri) / back Project proposal by Famul VideoLab for a group exhibition at gallery A + A in Venice (Slovenian pavilion) had been accepted and we are opening the show called Cimri, ne Čimri on 20th March 2014! Authors of the

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