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Short biography

Valerie Wolf Gang‘s works focus on the ideas behind human experiences such as aspects of consciousness and a reflection of social conflicts arising from political regulations and constraints. She mainly explores the relationship between man and technology, and is inspired by the connection between living and inanimate nature and the multifaceted nature of human character. Wolf Gang’s works are often interactive and therefore create a site specific performance and interaction between the art piece and the observer.

She works as a multimedia artist, film director and transdisciplinary arts researcher, using different technologies and approaches to construct (interactive) installations, new media works and art films. Combination of digital components and physical materiality play an important role in her expression of the storytelling narrative. In her words “digital and material components represent the mind and the body, which need to be balanced in order to create a perfect harmony”. She is regularly working on different international artist-in-residence programs, where she researches and produces new projects inspired by local & international cultural scene (e.g. New York, Beijing, Singapore, Germany, Portugal, Luxembourg, Guinea-Bissau…).

Her work has been featured in various renowned international group and solo exhibitions, and she has received numerous international grants and awards. She is a member of international art collective Spielraum Ensamble, research unit Famul VideoLab, Directors Guild of Slovenia and represented by Collecting Society of Authors, Performers and Film Producers of Audiovisual Works of Slovenia.

She is the founder of UV Arthouse, which is producing experimental films, video installations and researching the field of new media technology and interactive multimedia works. Besides her artistic practice and research, she lectures on contemporary art practices, teaches film education in cooperation with different institutions, and is a Ph.D. candidate at Slovenian Academy of Science and Arts. Since 2018, she is a professional associate at The Institute for Fine Arts Vienna, collaborating with Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Artist statement

“The world around me is my theater and I always observe the play with lots of focus and alertness. I’m very much fond of details, I see what everyday people don’t and I’m fascinated by small everyday events that influence our life. After I observe them I process everything and let myself be inspired and just let go. I take my camera and capture what I see, feel and dream. I create works that come from my heart and I try to speak to people through them. I always want to help those who are innocent, powerless or manipulated and let them know they’re not alone. Art is a strong media that can change the world so I use it with care and respect. When you look at my works, you can always see part of me and my hidden thoughts. They’re coming out in subtle ways that only a keen observer can notice. Look closer and you will see through me: there’s a new world.”

– Valerie Wolf Gang

About the work of Valerie Wolf Gang:

“Valérie Wolf Gang is forming in the artist of the new generation, who is more sovereign, strong, uncompromisingly clear in her expressive power, while showing excellent knowledge of the techniques and media she uses.

– Rene Rusjan, program director of School of Arts University of Nova Gorica, professor of Contemporary Arts

“Demanding production practice which comprises the work of the artist, especially the quality and potential of its practice shows that Valérie Wolf Gang belongs to the group of the population that deserves the status of Independent Cultural Worker as well as other potential state support, mostly due to that its practice can be developed and maintained at a high artistic level, while able to exceed the boundary between art and its users. “

– Dr. Petja Grafenauer

„In Valérie Wolf Gang’s work, the sense of social and ideological alienation is played out through careful visual choice of materials and reconstructions. In her work one is made aware of the larger ideological or symbolic order through the actual material configurations being presented – that things can be about something else other than what they are made out to be.“

– dr. Lawrence Chin





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Valerie Wolf Gang collaborates also with other artists and companies on different art and commercial projects as director, camera operator, editor and producer. Contact for more information at: info@valeriewolfgang.com