Video teaser for “Flatmates”

Video teaser for exhibition “Flatmates”, which is on display until 10th of May in Slovenian Exhibition Center in Venice, Italy!

You are invited to seef the exhibition “Flatmates” in Gallery A+A in Venice, where the following artist are presenting their work: Tomaž Burlin, Pila Rusjan, Noemi Veberič Levovnik and Valerie Wolf Gang. Gallery is treated as fictional apartment for artist (flatmates) whose personal poetic are meeting there and createing complex and entertaining whole together with conflicts and coordination, harmonies and differences. Gallery space is divided by function into six rooms: Bathroom, Kitchen, Living room, Toilet, Girl’s bedroom, Tomaž’s room. Each of them carries its own concept which always relates to a wider story: individualistic cohabitation.

Opening: 20th of March 2014, Gallery A+A (AplusA, San Marco 3073, Venice, Italy, P: +39 041 2770466)
– at 18:00 = opening of exhibition
– at 20:00 = performance Masks: Cionquilini

Exhibition will be opened until 10th May 2014.

More information:
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Valerie Wolf Gang’s video bed installation + Performance Masks by Noemi Veberič Levovnik.

Project supported by Piran Coastal GalleriesRepublic of Slovenia Ministry of CultureMunicipality of PiranFamul VideoLabl’Etna.