Upcoming exhibition in Venice: Cimri ne Čimri / Flatmates


Invitation flyer (Cimri ne Čimri) / front

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Invitation flyer (Cimri ne Čimri) / back

Project proposal by Famul VideoLab for a group exhibition at gallery A + A in Venice (Slovenian pavilion) had been accepted and we are opening the show called Cimri, ne Čimri on 20th March 2014!

Authors of the exhibition are Tomaž Burlin, Pila Rusjan, Noemi Veberič Levovnik and Valerie Wolf Gang. Our technicians on-spot will be Urša B. Potokar and Dejan Štefančič. Organisational, technical, media and partly financial support for the production is given by famulVideoLab, while L’Etna – Experimental Cinema Workshop is giving technical support to our dislocated member Tomaž in Paris. The exhibition is organised and co-financed by Obalne galerije Piran which is supported by Ministry of Culture and Municipality of Piran.

The concept of the exhibition is for the four individuals (the artists) to set multimedia ambiental installations in the gallery as if they were living there as flatmates (Slovenian: Cimri). They divided the gallery into seven rooms by their functionality and interpreted them each in their own artistic way. As in a real shared apartment, they will have to make compromises (on set-ups, light etc.), fight for their space for individual installations or even rethink a specific exhibited work regarding the one next to it. They will literally live in the gallery for one week prior to the opening and share their process on the Famul VideoLab blog, so, keep track!

Documentation and press information in Slovenian language can be found here:

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Famul VideoLab: O razstavi Cimri, ne Čimri in njenih avtorjih
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Noemi Veberič Levovnik, Kitchen, series of analog photography, 2010

Celozaslonski zajem 26.2.2014 182952

Pila Rusjan: Women and their Relation to Porn, one channel sound video, 2013

Celozaslonski zajem 26.2.2014 183035

Tomaž Burlin: Dead Seas I.-II., video projection, 2013-2014


Valerie Wolf Gang: Lucid dreams in a mechanical world, one channel sound video, 2012