photos from the opening: “The Luxembourg Monster”

Here are some photos of the opening of “The Luxembourg Monster” in Goodbye Monopol in Luxembourg.

Video installation by Valerie Wolf Gang

Camera, editing: Ursa Bonelli Potokar

Music: Chris Novak

Graffiti: Jeff Soto and Maxx242

Co-production: Famul VideoLab and Feierblumm

Supported by EC LLP Leonardo da Vinci

IMG_7117 IMG_7121 IMG_7140 IMG_7149 IMG_7158 IMG_7167 IMG_7174 IMG_7191 IMG_7197 IMG_7216 IMG_7216-001 IMG_7227 IMG_7235 IMG_7243

“The Luxembourg Monster” in Luxembourgian newspapers.
SAM_2664 SAM_2668 SAM_2669

Watch the pure video which was made for the video installation:

Watch the raw footage of the video which was projected on the graffiti:

“The Luxembourg Monster” on the page of Feierblumm


“The Luxembourg Monster” on Famul VideoLab

Celozaslonski zajem 21.12.2013 134310

“The Luxembourg Monster” on Napovednik


“The Luxembourg Monster” on VSU.UNG.SI

Celozaslonski zajem 21.12.2013 134459

“The Luxembourg Monster” on Adriart

Celozaslonski zajem 21.12.2013 134709