New land New beginning

experimental video, 9 min, Portugal 2014
– City Gallery Nova Gorica, Slovenia
– Palace Alvarez, Italy

The work “New land new beginning” is a study created through research of the subject “Artist Abroad – The Effect of Expatriation on Artistic Production”. Multimedia artist Valérie Wolf Gang explores different aspects of the artist’s life abroad and in involvement in various residencies, which have an enriching effect on the inspiration and artistic production. The question is how a foreign environment can affect our perception of the world around us, as well as our inner world. For that purpose, she moved to Portugal for a few months, isolating herself from her familiar surroundings and completely surrendering herself to a new environment. She regularly documents and publishes her feelings (including the online platform, and at the same time she is creating a collection of video poetry, which will serve as evidence of intimate reflection on herself and her new environment. “New land new beginning” is a study which symbolically shows the artist’s rebirth in new surroundings, with a new identity and perspective on her own body of work.

– Igor Štromajer, curator

Short video documentary of the exhibition.