Inspiration for inspiration for inspiration


video installation and performance, 4 min, Slovenia 2011
– City Gallery Nova Gorica, Slovenia
– Palace Alvarez, Italy

concept, installation, editing: Valerie Wolf Gang
camera: Urša Bonelli Potokar
doodles used in the video for performance: Milan Erič, Mina Fina, Saša Kerkoš, Damijan Kracina, Lojze Logar, Erik Mavrič, Anja Medved, Miha Perne, Leon Zuodar

Inspiration for inspiration for inspiration is a video installation which plays with reflections of reality. It all began with doodles of some of the Slovenian artist (Milan Erič, Mina Fina, Saša Kerkoš, Damijan Kracina, Lojze Logar, Erik Mavrič, Anja Medved, Miha Perne, Leon Zuodar) which were the main inspiration. I was playing with the idea of doodles: they are created in the process of thinking, they inspire artists and they are just a beginning of a new work. Doodles are just a brief sketches of what will once be – or not. So I was playing with the idea how to do a video installation which will be just the inspiration – a doodle – for new works. I didn’t do doodles for it, I just used existing ones from Slovenian artists and changed them through reflections. Mirrors represent different views of people once they see doodles or new ideas and through different reflections they are changed, they become different subjective reality. They reflect into each other and sometimes their path is crossed – like the actual reflection from mirrors. But often they also become different projections and in the end they return and reflect back onto the author and they become new inspirations. I put myself in the installation because I feel the mirrors around me when I interact with different artists and people in real life and I collect all the reflections and projections which are later changed in new works and new inspirations. All our thoughts are the products of everything we experience through life, through people, through small everyday events and through different feelings. Every inspiration is a reflection of reflection of reflection of reflection….” – Valerie Wolf Gang