In 10 years: Illusion


video installation, 20 min, Slovenia 2012
– Gallery Miklova Hiša, Ribnica, Slovenia
– MSUM – Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia
– IRFF Film Festival 2012, Estonia
– FILOFEST 2012, Slovenia
– Festival of Independent Film, Slovenia
– Filmska Trgatev, Grosuplje, Slovenia
– Kino Center, Nova Gorica, Slovenia
– Neue Slowenische Film, Pančevo, Serbia
– Motovun Film Festival, Croatia
– Kinodvor, Slovenia

installation and video directed by: Valerie Wolf Gang
camera: Urša Bonelli Potokar
sound: Marko Bencic
scenic design: Marija Laura Potocnik
color correction: Andraz Sedlar
light: Jan Serini
cast: Helena Trebar, Rok Debevec, Neja Peterlin, Anja Tomsic, Edvard Lavric, Tinkara Capuder, Meta Capuder, IMPRO Liga SŠOF
technical assistance: Urša Bonelli Potokar, Gallery Miklova Hiša, MSUM

Watch video trailer from Gallery Miklova Hiša:

IN 10 YEARS: ILLUSION / ČEZ 10 LET: ILUZIJA is a video installation, where the scenery from the film becomes literally 3D and comes into the space. The whole room is dark and the smell of basement soon give us the feeling of a nightmare. When you step in, you see the button “PUSH: LET THE DREAM BEGIN!” and when you press it, the artificial fog enters the space and everything becomes dusty and foggy – like the real nightmare. Around the room you can spot different symbolic objects that influenced my life. You can also calculate your life span on the calculator or write me a real poem. Everyone that enters becomes part of the film, part of the nightmare. There’s no time, the clock is stopped, we’re trapped forever. The scull is watching us and we are watching the film on the big screen. The film is about future and expectation of society. What will happen in 10 years? Maybe it’s all just an illusion.

Installation in Gallery Miklova Hiša:

Installation in MSUM – Museum od Modern Art: