(fe)male identity


experimental video, 10 min, Slovenia 2012
– City Gallery Nova Gorica, Slovenia
– Palace Alvarez, Italy
– Gallery A+A, Venice, Italy
– LUNG Festival

concept, directing, camera , editing: Valerie Wolf Gang
performers, styling, models: E.D. & V.H.
technical support, assistant: Urša Bonelli Potokar
music used in the video: Moby – Shot in the back of the head / CC


Performance: we question male/female identity. How can our appearance change our perspectives about sex and the boundary between consciousness and subconsciousness. Female changing to male, male changing to female. Birth of a new man.

 projection on the body and water, simultaneously capturing and live streaming, synchronized performance and sensations when knowing that another person is projected (live) on another person while showering and entering our intimate space.

Video documentation of the installation and performance is possible to see upon request @ info@valeriewolfgang.com