video poetry and two channel video installation, 2 min 50 sec, Žlebe, Slovenia
– project Hiša Na Hribu, Žlebe, Slovenia

Video artist Valerie Wolf Gang often includes elements of poetry and experimental film in her work which is always inspired by new places and ‘site specific’ installation and integration of the resulting video in a new ‘specific environment’. Her works often includes subliminal messages and metaphors that are sometimes in the form of words, but frequently they appear in the framing of scenes and installation of the video itself.

For the project ‘House on the Hill’ she temporary moved to an old house, former sexton at the top of the hill near church of St. Margaret in Žlebe, and let herself be inspired by the new surroundings. The calm surroundings and moving away from the everyday busy working environment, it encouraged her to think about the relaxation and stress; the difference between them and potential common points: what causes stress, how to relax, how to escape stressful situations but at the same time remain connected with the world and other liabilities. This research was the beginning for the creation of a new two channel video installation, experimental video poetry (Anti)Stress, where we can watch two videos, individually or together, forming a whole and also individual tell of the story: the first about the nature and relaxation and the other one about the stressful situations we often face. The answer for the right solution about the stress is not defined, but it’s important that everyone finds it and the correct balance between the two situations: harmony between stress and relaxation.

Video poetry and music by Valerie Wolf Gang: https://valeriewolfgang.com/
For the project House on the hill: http://www.zavod-ccc.org/?p=1002

Installation view:

Installation view, video documentation

Press about House on the hill:

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