festival of new media culture Speculum Artium & Wolf gang collab

Wolf Gang’s interactive AI/XR installation “The Beautiful Face of AI” was exhibited at the International Festival of New Media Culture Speculum Artium.

“The Beautiful Face of AI” project continues the artist’s exploration of the relation and influence between society and the individual, which is built upon several layers of identity and self-awareness. The digital mirror shows the reflection of the viewer, however, their image begins to slowly change with regard to the current state of the world. To change the parameters it uses information such as the current stock indexes, cryptocurrency values, the temperature of the environment, the current global population, sea level, etc. All of these large databases influence the reflection of the individual life and co-construct the identity of the individual. The parameters of actual world happenings thus influence the form and the organic shaping of the face and the viewer’s thoughts slowly start changing the surface of the skin. In front of the eyes of the viewer, the mirror generates a new image, which is a composition of the real physical world, the reshaping and the view of society online which co-creates our final image.