INTERACTIVE INSTALLATION, AI INTEGRATION, AND XR EXPERIENCE: Anthropomorphisation of the topography of the world

Valerie Wolf Gang’s new interactive installation Anthropomorphisation of the topography of the world was exhibited at the MFRU International Festival of Computer Graphics in Maribor, Slovenia:

Detail of the installation / Poetry and human skin + entering point of the virtual experience


Wolf Gang explores themes of the body, space, and identity through holistic approaches of research into the integration of the human mind and body and contemporary artistic practices, using the tools of new media to explore and examine the interaction and relationship between humans and technology. She has devoted herself to comprehensive studies of the topography of the environment, which she explores with her new body, capturing it with different techniques and reinterpreting it in several gallery spaces.

By reinterpreting the environment, the viewers and visitors of the gallery are manipulated at the same time by their influence. Their skin becomes the main texture of the virtual topographic spaces shown in the project “Anthropomorphisation of the World Topography”, and through the process of scanning their skin, new environments are created in the live gallery spaces: the material and virtual worlds merge.

In the project, the artist collects nature’s topography through her field research and transports it virtually to the gallery, where visitors can experience it and add their skin textures to the reinterpretation of the spaces studied. Artificial intelligence technology is used in this process. The computer decides how to use visitors’ photographs and sonograms and mixes new creative textures onto the surface of nature, creating a fresh new world inspired by actual human skin, the unique human body.

VR details (AI process of “harvesting the human skin” and transforming it into the virtual forest)