Wolf Gang’s work on Ars electronica 2021: Renaissance 2.0 – A New Digital Deal

Valerie Wolf Gang’s work on Ars Electronica festival 2021

Greetings from the Future IV

Renaissance 2.0

Have we lost our touch but gained new awareness? What is the impact of the Artificial Intelligence on Life? What will the hybridization of Life and Artificial Intelligence mean for us? These are just some of the questions that are posed in the work by Valerie Wolf Gang and Miha Godec. While Valerie Wolf Gang studied film and video art, focusing more and more on contemporary art practices, especially in her MA studies, Miha Godec started his path as a photographer, which later became his main profession. On his MA level Miha included his passion for biology in his work, blending different areas of art, science and technology, and researching ecological ways to bring clean water to remote societies, at the same time exploring artistic views of AI in everyday life. Valerie Wolf Gang, in the meantime, went through her life-changing personal project, which she recognized as a driving force for her future explorations in her PhD and her artistic practice, connecting art, science technology and sports. She is exploring possibilities for seeing the body anew, and how a radical change a person’s body affects their perception, similarly to the experience of an astronaut seeing Earth for the first time from Space. Valerie Wolf Gang and Miha Godec met in the first year of their BA studies at the School of Arts more than a decade ago. They are both internationally recognized emerging artists – Valerie recently received the national award for her artistic expressions – who support each other in their explorations, and sometimes even collaborate in joint projects as in “David’s Gaze.” We invited them back to our school as guest lecturers: currently Miha Godec holds a photography-in-special-conditions workshop, and Valerie Wolf Gang runs yearly experimental form workshops.

More information and details: https://ars.electronica.art/newdigitaldeal/en/renaissance-2-0/

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