New project: MonstAR zOO & Pixxelpoint International New Media Festival 2019

New project augmented reality interactive installation MonstAR zOO by Valerie Wolf Gang (in collaboration with AKEO Lab Creative Agency) was officially opened at the international Pixxelpoint Festival for New Media Arts in Nova Gorica.

MonstAR zOO! is a parallel world in which the worst monsters come to life, and through technology we can safely observe and face them. The project was developed by the multimedia artist Valerie Wolf Gang in cooperation with the creative agency AKEO.

The main protagonists are monsters of childhood imagination that were developed into 3D characters from classic children’s drawings and released into a parallel virtual world located on the children’s playground next to France Bevk Library in Nova Gorica.

Within the framework of Pixxelpoint 2019, the first monster zoo in Slovenia was created, which is accessible to the general public through the technology of augmented reality.

MonstAR zOO! officially come to life at the opening night of the festival, and at the same time it became a permanent site in Nova Gorica where domestic and foreign guests can view monsters.

Come and do not be afraid, the monsters are kept in a safe and restricted environment at the first monster zoo in Slovenia!

Installation view:

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