7th ZRC SAZU Researchers’ Symposium: Where to, Technology?

Book of abstracts, online PDF: https://www.zrc-sazu.si/sites/default/files/zbornik_mladih_web.pdf

It seems that the future has never been as unclear and unpredictable as nowadays. We are witnessing drastic technological changes and the ensuing numerous futuristic visions of what’s to come. Due to the influence of popular culture, where these ideas – from optimistically inspiring to pessimistically gloomy – are portrayed, these visions of our future seem more and more feasible. Where are the artificial intelligence, cybernetics and virtual reality leading to? How will we function as a society, what are the relations between people going to be like from a psychological and sociological perspective? How will the new forms of communication influence us? What about the environmental changes? How will the society be organized juridically and politically? All of these questions lead us to think more broadly about what it means to be human at the beginning of the 21st century. As humanity is gaining access to an ever bigger power of changing the world through technological innovations, this implies caution when implementing new technology and its possible outcomes. The 7th ZRC SAZU Early Career Researchers’ Symposium aims to contribute to the question of the future of technology and its impact on research, science, and the whole society. You are kindly invited to join us in discussing these topics in the perspective of past, present and future. (text by Maja Gostič)

Valerie Wolf Gang was one of the talkers on the 7th ZRC SAZU Researchers’ Symposium: Where to, Technology? where she presented her talk on augmented reality, public spaces and identity.