Memories in Glass / Hologram installation

multimedia installation, hologram, sound; dimensions: 160 x 32 x 30 cm
material: metal, wood, LCD screen, glass, PVC, cables, speakers, computer
exhibited: Gallery Kresija, Ljubljana, SLovenia


Memories in Glass is a multimedia installation with a hologram of a woman caught in a baby bottle, placed in an old, worn and partly restored military ammunition box. The hologram showing a story of a woman is a metaphor for surviving the difficult moments in a partner relationship, in which the children witnessed violence against their mother, which is symbolized specifically with a custom made baby bottle and the story inside (hologram). This is trapped in a crater, which, with its outwardly refined and partially renewed image, speaks of violence and a new beginning, while providing an intimate view of the interior and identifying it with a tragic story. The layout is accompanied by a sound image that passes from the sounds of hitting different objects to the instrumental version of the Slovenian folk song “Barčica po morju plava” which speaks about the ship crossing the ocean – a similar situation where the actual victim of the violence met her partner in real life and where the violence began.

The work was exhibited in Gallery Kresija as part of the project: “Ko je drugič udaril v vrata, sem čez luknjo prelepila plakat”