Speculum Artium 2018 New Media Festival

Installation Wet Dreams by Valerie Wolf Gang was exhibited at Speculum Artium 2018 New Media Festival 13. – 15. September 2018.

Installation view at Speculum Artium 2018:


Artificial life has become an important field of scientific research, the basic foundation of which is the use of computer systems for creating life simulations and the principles of inorganic organisms. The question arises about what it means to be an active entity involved in the relationship between biological and artificial, between real and virtual. Artificial, virtual forms of life are by all standards living entities created through co-operation between nature, homo sapiens and machines. One of the definitions of the art of the 21st century is defined as “Machine of all machines”, ie Machine, creator and producer of other living artificial entites. Biological evolution is upgraded with technology that can create new types of entities consisting of inorganic materials rather than from biological cells. The boundaries between born and done are intertwined. Humane interaction with the principle of artificial life and its creation leads us to rethink our perception of God and general the creation of a creative process, that is, genesis. The philosophical challenge that arises before us encroaches on th very foundations of human self-awareness, our existence, our essence. It raises new questions before us and establises a constant reflection of ourselves, or our society, of life in general. Man as God, creator of new worlds.

Festival is under the honorary patronage of His Excellency Mr Borut Pahor, President of the Republic of Slovenia.