PAIC Project / Experimental film workshop

Valerie Wolf Gang was invited to the PAIC project as an artist in residence where she traveled to the island of Vis, Croatia to work with the locals and produce new work.

Participatory Art for Invisible Communities (PAIC) is an art project that includes communities from Croatia, Slovenia, Denmark and Spain and is based on recognizing and answering community needs through artistic methodologies. The project strives at building capacities of both communities and artist, creating the platform for the creative exchange and open communication through organized workshops, presentations, and local forums, inciting creative and open communication. Art and culture are understood as unifying factor for social justice and sustainability connecting community members, artists, creative practitioners and cultural operators.

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The process of the workshop on Vis created by Valerie Wolf Gang:




Some behind the scenes glipses, field work:image-5image-6image-7image-8

Stills from the film: