Poetics of Video Art / Beijing 2017

Valerie Wolf Gang was hosted in Beijing Festival of Culture and Arts held at Expo Garden to perform a live VJ performance ‘Poetics of video art’.

‘Poetics of video art’ is a live VJ performance and interactive video installation which creates a vivid image with regards to interaction with the audience. The basis for creating a live image is the recording from different cultural environments where Valerie was hosted as an artist in residence, collecting different video materials and details of individual environments. For the Beijing event she prepared a rich collection of authorial images, as well she also created interesting visual effects and compositions that are blended into the video creating imaginary landscapes from which she built abstract compositions inspired by space, time and public interaction. Live VJ-ing also included an audience which was given the opportunity to become part of the video and they could enter the picture and start to interact with the video therefore indirectly also with the artist who, according to their movements, generated the video and, conversely, the audience also affected the artist and her creative workflow. A live performance created interesting visual images which were simultaneously enriched with rich Beijing traditional music and interesting European-Asian audio-visual influences, creating a cross-border cultural experience, focusing and searching the perfect harmony and poetics inside a digital world.

Video & VJ performance: Valerie Wolf Gang
Production: CEEC China
Beijing, 27. 09. – 05. 10. 2017

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