Premiere of new curated video program in Vienna


The premiere of the curated video program DIVA Station Presents IV in Vienna, in Blickle Kino, placed in 21er Haus, Quartier Belvedere, Museum of Contemporary Art on Wednesday, 7 June 2017, at 7pm.

In partnership with Ursula Blickle Video Archiv and with the support of Skica the archive will be presented for the first time in Vienna. The program will include the presentation of DIVA Station by Barbara Borčić, program advisor, curator and head of video programs at SCCA-Ljubljana, a screening of curated program DIVA Station Presents IV and a discussion moderated by Claudia Slanar, the curator of the Ursula Blickle Video Archive at the 21er Haus – Museum of Contemporary Art.

FROM MEMORY TO FICTION presents various modes the artists cope and play with memory, personal or collective, and make narratives that are in-between reality and fiction. Taiga (1996) by Ema Kugler is a dark video landscape with human figures in menacing costumes, engaged in a game of dance and fight, pleasure and torture. Accompanied by a dramatic song, a row of vax dogs melt away, while the electronic effect only serves to accelerate the process. Created for a joint exhibition, the video Galapagos (2005) displays close-ups of an artificial installation of Galapagos Island with a volcano at its centre. Damijan Kracina and Vladimir Leben invented a variety of fantasy animals and added a DIY music piece, all with a good sense of humour and the absurd. Marko Kovačič is questioning the present through designing the fictitious Plastos civilisation that can belong to the past or future and he presents it in different formats and forms, as art installations, performances, publications and videos (Forth into the Past, 1995). Distant Memory (2014) by Valérie Wolf Gang is a video poetry, which speaks about the times that once were, about Yugoslav President Tito’s ship Galeb in between reality and the imaginary world of poetry.


Stills from Valerie Wolf Gang’s work Distant Memory.

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Postaja DIVA predstavlja IV (2017)

Premiere of new curated video program in Vienna