Hunting for America / interactive installation

Video documentation of interactive installation ‘Hunting for America’ by Valerie Wolf Gang, exhibited in Gallery Alkatraz in April 2017.

“Hunting for America by Valerie Wolf Gang is a reaction to the idealized image of the New World and its unlimited possibilities – especially during the endless crises that continue to resonate within our society. The artwork is an answer to the utopian view that the US provides a “better life” and it offers a simple solution to the discomfort of (particularly Eastern) Europe. The author traveled across the ocean in order to test this theory in practice. The result of the research is an interactive piece, revealing the process of surveillance and breaches of one’s privacy, inviting the audience to participate in it and experience it directly, as one who does not try a certain thing on their own, can hardly believe that things are somehow completely different.” – Kateřina Lenzová, curator of the exhibition

Artist Valerie Wolf Gang
Programmer Christof Ressi
Assistant Urša Bonelli Potokar
Curator Kateřina Lenzová
Gallery Alkatraz, April 2017