Exhibition opening: The Clash @ Gallery Alkatraz



Kindly invited to the exhibition “The Clash” by Eriz Moreno & Valerie Wolf Gang on Tuesday, 4th April at 8 pm, at the Alkatraz Gallery, ACC Metelkova. The exhibition is curated by Kateřina Lenzová. Kindly invited also to the discussion at the SCCA Project Room: “Artist Abroad – discussion about artistic mobility and its influence on art” with artists and the curator of the exhibition, on Monday, 3rd April 2017, at 6 pm.

The exhibition brings together three people: the artists Valerie Wolf Gang and Eriz Moreno and the curator Kateřina Lenzová. They personally met here in Ljubljana in 2016 which resulted in a joint project. The unifying theme of this project is the subject of artistic mobility, which has currently a significant impact on artistic practices and interdisciplinary cooperations.

A distance from the familiar environment enables people to look at a new reality with increased sensitivity. The person – by crossing borders – also exceeds their own limits of perception. Artistic work is important for environments on both sides of borders since it thematizes the topic anew, thanks to a different perspective, in a different form and with a real detachment.

Pieces to be featured in Gallery Alkatraz by Valerie Wolf Gang:

Hunting for America

interactive video installation, USA-Slovenia-Austria, 2017

sensors, sniper gun, video projection, sound

Programing: Christof Ressi

Assistant: Urša Bonelli Potokar


Detail of installation view

Short text about the content of installation by curator Kateřina Lenzová:

Hunting for America is a reaction to the idealized image of the New World and it’s unlimited possibilities – especially during the endless crises, continually resonating in our society. The artwork is an answer to the utopian view that the US provide a “better life“ and it offers a simple solution to the discomfort of (particularly Eastern) Europe. The author traveled across the ocean in order to test this theory in practice. The result of the research is an interactive piece, revealing the process of surveillance and breaches of one’s privacy, inviting the audience to participate in it and experience it directly, as the one who does not try a certain thing on their own, can hardly believe that things are somehow completely different.

Artist Mellifera Carnica

installation, Slovenia-USA-EU, 2017

photo paper, foam board, fishing line, nylon rope, LED light

Assistant: Urša Bonelli Potokar



Short text about the content of installation by curator Kateřina Lenzová:

The title of the installation comes from the Latin name Apis mellifera carnica (Carniolan Honey Bee) – the bee which is found almost around the globe, but whose origin is based in the northwest of Slovenia – Gorenjska. The columns representing the beehives are full of personal memories and moments from the author’s travels. The flying creature leads us to all the places the artist wandered about during her residencies in the last five years.

Works by Eriz Moreno: erizmoreno.info

The project is supported by Municipality of Ljubljana and Ministry of Culture Republic of Slovenia.