Portfolio teaser, experimental film and video art

Portfolio teaser, remix of selected works from 2011-2016.

“Video artist and film director Valerie Wolf Gang is time and time again working as ‘an artist abroad’ on different artist-in-residence programs. In recent decades, Itinerant Artist became a professional term. Art historians and other researchers consider it to be an important factor in changes in the world of art, which also influence the artwork and the ways we understand it. The amount of artists traveling from residence to residence, museum to museum, artists that, like Wolf Gang, return to their local base (hers is Ljubljana) or even live without one, their work and projects however are created here and there, once in Singapore, another time in the neighboring Austria, is immense.

This exposes the continuity that occurred ‘in spite of’ or precisely because of the diversity of contexts of creation that the artist experienced. It shows the base, the foundation. The artwork combines poetics and continuous encounters with video poetry on one side, on the other side interest in social and cultural life, in the crisis that is in subject caused by the same factors Wolf Gang itself operates in: precariousness, growing xenophobia, homophobia and other intolerance in all social strata and structures, loss of freedom in one’s daily life that one – how terrifying – shapes himself according to the instructions of the ruling systems. Opposite to the terrifying social everyday life the video artist Valerie Wolf Gang fights with beauty, editing, bracketing, word, sound and all permeating visual and substantial tenderness and humanity.”

Text by Dr. Petja Grafenauer, curator, writer and lecturer on contemporary art

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