Travellings Festival 2016 / Lieux publics – Centre national de création, Marseille, France


Invitation for Travellings festival 2016

Conducted by the composer Pierre SauvageotLieux publics – National center for creation in public space, accompanies artists creating for, with and in the city. It invites you to its events in Marseille and Provence, to discover the creations it has been supporting since 2002, as well as the actions led by the European network IN SITU.

Project Final Season by Spielraum Ensamble was part of the Travellings Festival organized by Lieux publics National center for creation  and was set up in a form of multimedia installation.

Spielraum Ensamble team for Final Season project:
Konzept, Produktion, Ausstattung: Lisa Horvath
Konzept, Regie: Klaus Seewald
Konzept, Text: Johannes Schrettle
elektronische Musik, Hörspielproduktion: Christof Ressi
Kontrabass: Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka
Saxophon: Matej Bunderla
Video: Valerie Wolf Gang
Performance: Maja Karolina Franke, Marina Grün,Benjamin R. Jarrett,
Technik: Sound, Projektionen, Hörspiel: Peter Venus
Projektassistenz: Rosa Wallbrecher

in Koproduktion mit La Strada und IN SITU,

gefördert von Land Steiermark und Stadt Graz



Installation view / Marseilles, France, September 2016


More pictures and video coming soon.