ART BRUNCH IM BAD #15 Elaine Wing-Ah Ho / Valerie Wolf Gang (St.A.i.R.)


Elaine Wing-Ah Ho (China) and Valerie Wolf Gang (Slovenia), studio work

Sunday 17.7. at 11:00 a.m. @ Schaumbad – Freies Atelierhaus Graz, Austria
Installation, Performance and artist talk with Elaine Wing-Ah Ho (China) und Valerie Wolf Gang (Slovenia)

Elaine Wing-Ah Ho: “What do artists do all day?” may be a silly question, but if it is intriguing enough to warrant its own BBC documentary series, it is enough to call us together for brunch on a Sunday morning. Indeed, answering this question for the specificity of a three-month sojourn in Graz is part of the artist’s responsibility towards what may be called employers or hosts, or maybe new friends. As a call to rethink the liquidity of our own precariousness as art workers and human beings — sometimes also known as on-going existential crisis — social responsibility shall be relayed here by the artist as a lecture-performance invoking representations of both past work and current explorations, dedications and quotations. There may be some repetition. I will try not to talk with my mouth full.

The work of visual artist Valerie Wolf Gang focuses on video and contemporary artistic practices. Her work reflects social conflicts arising from political regulations and constraints, especially when traveling or working abroad. When moving in space and time she animates the dead surroundings with her camera as suggested in the writings about speed by the contemporary philosopher Paul Virilo. Her works underscores the contrasts between nature and city, happiness and sadness, authority and freedom. She graduated from Ljubljana School of Design and Photography, then obtained a bachelor’s degree from School of Arts at the University of Nova Gorica in Digital art and Practice with focus on video film and continued her studies on MA Media Art and Practice master program in video and contemporary art. She improved her theoretical and practical knowledge at the FAMU film academy in Prague and art academy ESAD in Portugal. She regularly works with different media and creates multimedia installations to be presented in various galleries. Her videos and short films have been featured, nominated and awarded at various festivals and cinema theaters. She works as a freelance video artist, a status granted by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and is a member of Directors Guild of Slovenia. She is actively involved in different forms of artistic production, video and film projects, international exhibition selections and artistic residencies.

Valerie Wolf Gang will do an artist talk and present a selection of her recent video and installation works, as well as the project she is currently working on in Graz, a collaboration work with Spielraum Ensemble, open air performance and video installation, which will be premiered in Graz on 30th of July in La Strada (more information about the project, location and time of the premiere: ). Valerie will also talk about the process of her work and challanges she faces as an artist working with digital media.

More info:

Elaine W. HO works between the realms of time‐based art, urban practice and design, using multiple vocabularies to explore the micropolitics, subjectivities and alter-possibilities of an intimate, networked production.
The act of describing takes on a number of forms — a kind of grammar, a documentation, a gesture, a biography — or an experiment in Beijing known as HomeShop. She is the initiator of the artist-run space, active from 2008-2013, and continues to ask questions about the sociopolitics of syntax, more recently as editor & collaborating artist for the three-day embodied knowledge HK FARMers’ Almanac spontaneous book event (2015) and co-conspirator at Display Distribute, a nomadic platform investigating bottom-up organisation amidst global trade (2013-ongoing).

She likes to drink coffee and tea mixed together and is a frequent contributor at 


Valerie Wolf Gang: (Sub)conscious, produced in Slovenia, exhibited in Gallery Kibla – Multimedia Center, installation detail, photo Kristjan Robič


Valerie Wolf Gang: A view through the window, produced in Paris, exhibited in Center for Contemporary Art Montenegro, video installation detail, photo Valerie Wolf Gang


Valerie Wolf Gang: New land new beginning, produced in Portugal, exhibited in Pixxelpoint Festival, installation view, photo Igor Štromajer


Valerie Wolf Gang in collaboration with Spielraum Ensamble: Final Season, produced in Graz – work in progress – premiere 30th of July 2016, detail of installation, photo: Lisa Horvath


Valerie Wolf Gang: Flatmates, produced in Italy, exhibited in Gallery A+A Slovenian Pavilion Venice, detail of the installation, photo Urša Bonelli Potokar


Valerie Wolf Gang: The Luxembourg Monster, produced in Luxembourg, exhibited in Gallery Goodbye Monopol Luxembourg, installation detail, photo Urša Bonelli Potokar


Valerie Wolf Gang: Distant Memory in a forgotten military box, produced in Croatia, exhibited in Museum for Contemporary Art Slovenia, installation view, photo Valerie Wolf Gang


Valerie Wolf Gang: Freedom 2.0, produced in Singapore, exhibited in Center for Contemporary Art Singapore, installation view, photo Valerie Wolf Gang


Valerie Wolf Gang: Freedom 2.0, produced in Singapore, exhibited in Center for Contemporary Art Singapore, installation view, photo Valerie Wolf Gang


Valerie Wolf Gang: An Artist Abroad, produced in Portugal, exhibited in Center for Contemporary Art Museo Antonio Duarte, installation view, photo Valerie Wolf Gang


Valerie Wolf Gang: The Call of Nostalgia, produced in Italy, video still, photo Valerie Wolf Gang