Short film (Anti)Stress on Temple Festival in in Philadelphia (USA)

Short film (Anti)Stress will be screened on Temple Festival in Philadelphia (USA) on 13th of April at 6pm, find detailed info here: PROGRAM LIST


(Anti)Stress, film stills

Twenty-two works by international artists reflecting on art, nature and contemplation. This annual exhibition creates an important cultural influence with minimal environmental impact in order to foster a consciousness that is more alert and sensitive to the global challenges we face today. The ultimate aim of the project is to transform our reality starting by changing ourselves. The exhibition is inclusive, intercultural and secular emphasizing the richness of different cultural traditions.

 Artists and Works:

– Caussade, Coline & Clerval, Sarah (Belgium),  Manière Noire (5´35´´, fragment).

– Cooke, Grayson (Australia), Deforest H2SO4 (5´, fragment).

– Cruz, Irene (Spain), Luft. Life is a collection of experiences. (3’25’’).

– Della Beffa, Carla (Italy), H20 (45’’).

– Eeraerts, Elise (Belgium), Fire Pit (Blocks) (5´, fragment).

– Fernández, Alicia (Spain), Natura (2’50’’).

– Furnham, Valerie (United Kingdom), Refract (5´35´´).

– Toutnu Collective (Spain), Manhattan (4’46´´).

– Gedenk, Maren (Netherlands), Nature 2.0. (5´, fragment).

– Gilewicz, Wojciech (EEUU), Food Justice (4’30’’).

– Hudson, Dan (Canada), News, Weather and Sports (3’15’’).

– Ibáñez, Argenis (Mexico), Svalbard (50´´).

– Lee Vasquez, Bianca (EEUU), Intervention Fusion (2’).

– Leifheit, Cristen (EEUU), Wires and Roots (1’15´´).

– Mosqueira, Nuria (Spain), Cinere (3’15’’).

– Reich, Johanna (Germany), Water on Asphalt (1’10’’).

– Steensen, Jakob (Denmark), A cartography of fantasia, an interface for post-speculation landscapes (5´, fragment).

– Sukapura, Aria (Indonesia), Demi Masa (2’15’’).

– Torres, Germán (Spain), Earthbeat (2’17’’).

– Trommer, Michael (Canada), 5 days in the Western Channel (5´, fragment).

– Wolf Gang, Valerie (Slovenia), (Anti) Stress (2’40´´)