Photo documentation of exhibition works in Gallery TIR Mostovna

Valerie Wolf Gang’s works from exhibition SIMILARIDADE NA DUALIDADE in Gallery TIR Mostovna. Exhibition was opened from 10th of March until 5th of April 2016. See photos from the opening: JZA CREW PHOTO GALLERY



Photo series, 300 x 50 cm | Portugal 2014/2015

Photo series ‘Valerie Wolf Gang – Portuguese timeline’ gives an intimate view into the personal life of an artist, in the time of her stay in Portugal. Each day of her stay she immortalized with a photo, with a view which impressed her that day and which she wanted to remember forever. The timeline of her residence shows her experience with a new environment and the passing which remains recorded only as a photo or nostalgic memory: “One day, one moment, one memory that lasts forever.”



Series of video poetry, 20min 20sec & Poetry book An Artist Abroad | Portugal 2015

Series of video poetry ‘An Artist Abroad’ consists of six short experimental poetical videos, which were made simultaneously with the artist’s research about the influence of a change of surroundings on artistic creativity. Through very personal poems we can observe new surroundings where artist suddenly moved and created digital collection of poems, which is possible to explore and watch with the help of QR codes, to scan them with mobile phones and tablets, and which we can take away with us, so the poems can symbolically travel and explore new spaces in which they will be played.



Experimental video, 9 min | Portugal 2015

Experimental video ‘New land new beginning’ was created in the first phase of the artist Valerie Wolf Gang moving to Portugal and it shows her adaptation of new lands, and at the same time it symbolizes rebirth because new environment influenced her artistic evolution. Steps in the video are moving towards the future and with every repetition of the video we are returned back to the starting point which shows the circle of life and states: “Every night when I go to sleep I die. And the next morning I am reborn.”


Exhibition book with visitors notes, detail

Video documentation, short teaser