premiere of documentary film ‘Kombinat’

Today at 19:00 is the premiere of documentary film ‘Kombinat’ in Slovenian Kinoteka cinema (location).

Authors of the film: Zvonka T Simčič, Valerie Wolf Gang, Urša Bonelli Potokar



Women choir Kombinat is a group of women, which came together on the anniversary of Slovenian revolt, on 27th april 2008 and gathered on founding assembly in Ljubljana’s old factory Rog. They agreed to sing songs of rebellion from around the world and they soon became mascots of strikes and Slovenian revolution movements. They started to sing with people and people sung with them. In this time a new song was born, called ‘Rebellion song’, created by Ksenija Jus, which became the anthem of movements. In documentary film about Kombinat’s singers we follow the development and organization of women community, which try to change the world and current social and political developments in Slovenia with singing. The film is catching moments and songs which have become an important record of our times.

Stills from the film


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  • Kinotečnik, januar-februar 2016:


  • Mladina, 11. 1. 2016:


  • Zavod SCCA, januar 2016: