Balkan Film Connection


Valerie Wolf Gang was selected to take part in Balkan Film Connection with the project ‘Love Letters to Strangers’, one of 8 Southeast European filmmakers who are developing their first feature film.

The participants are 30 film directors, script-writers and producers who are either students in their last year of study or young professionals from Southeast Europe. THE BALKAN FILM CONNECTION is a 5-day educational program and networking platform in the frame of the AUTEUR FILM FESTIVAL in Belgrade, dedicated to Southeast European film students and young professionals. It consists of interactive lectures, one-on-one working meetings, discussions and film projections, aimed at helping participants develop their personal, unique auteur films, as well as providing them with first-hand insight and practical knowledge about the ever-changing contemporary international film-making scene and establishing a firmer cooperation between young film-makers in the region. The participants are 8 Southeast European filmmakers who are developing their first feature films.


This year, BALKAN FILM CONNECTION will focus on one of the most delicate phases in every filmmaker’s life – developing a script for the first feature-length fiction film. Eight chosen participant will get the possibility to work on their projects with renowned tutors. The program will consist of collective and individual working meetings with tutors, as well as interactive lectures and discussions with some of the leading film auteurs and experts.

The participants will also get the opportunity to watch the films on the Auteur Film Festival program accompanied by some reference screenings designed specifically for them.

During an intensive 5 days, the BALKAN FILM CONNECTION will try to ask the right questions, offer some solutions, and inspire and help young filmmakers make the best of their first feature film projects.