Artist Residency in Vienna, Austria

Valerie Wolf Gang is currently on Artist in Residency in Vienna, Austria, organized by Ministry of Culture Republic of Slovenia.

The Slovene Arts & Culture Residencies Programme of the Ministry of Culture kicked off in 1998 with the renting of the first apartment in the New York City. The aim of the program is to contribute to the international mobility and visibility of Slovene artists. Besides New York (remaining the most popular destination among the applicants) the ministry has established another three apartments in the following cities: Berlin (since 2004), London (since 2008), and Vienna (since 2012).

By now over 200 people have participated in the program, which is reserved for Slovene artists, writers, translators, curators, critics, producers, etc., regardless of discipline. Based on their submitted proposals the residents are selected by the ministry’s expert committee for the following year. Concrete research projects and partnerships with local organisations or experts that can later on lead to the production of an actual art event or artwork are encouraged.

The residencies are limited to one- or two-month-stays with the rental, maintenance and travel costs covered by the Ministry of Culture. The apartments are administered jointly by the ministry and the respective Slovene embassies with the exception of Vienna where the residency is included in the regular program of the first (and so far the only) Slovenian Culture and Information Centre abroad.

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Some moments from Vienna / follow Valerie on Instagram for more insight in her stay at Vienna Artist in Residency