Vesna national film award and Restart award 2015


A film by Valerie Wolf Gang, ‘Oddaljen Spomin’ (Distant Memory), received Vesna national award for best student film and Restart award 2015 on Festival of Slovenian Film in Portorož.

The Vesna Award is the main film award in Slovenia, named after the Slovene cult film of the 1960s (directed by František Čap). Each year at the Festival of Slovenian Film an expert jury bestows Vesna Awards in different categories (17, but this number can vary). These are: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Actress (main and supporting role), Best Short Film, Best Student Film, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, Best Costume Design, Best Make-up, Special Achievements, Best Animation, Best Musical Score and Best Sound. The jury can also bestow up to five Vesna Special Acknowledgements.

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Awards at the 18th Festival of Slovenian Film

On Saturday, 19 September, the Award Ceremony of the 18th Festival of Slovenian Film was held in the Portorož Auditorium.

The Vesna Award for Best Feature went to Idyll by Tomaž Gorkič, while the Audience Award was received by the documentary film Home by the director Metod Pevec, which also won the Vesna Award for Best Documentary.

The substantiation of the expert jury for the best feature was as follows:

If the answer to our social reality is to die somewhere in Slovenian woods, it is appropriate that instead of committing suicide we might perish under the sharp head of the axe, while the answer to impotent social critique is provided by Vintlr, who shows us what a real man is. Gravely and ironically, just as films of this genre should, Idyll offers us, on a plate, a specific outlook on the world that we all live in.

The Vesna Award for Best Minority Coproduction went to the film The Reaper (Zvonimir Jurić), while the Vesna Award for Best Sound went to Julij Zornik (The Reaper).

The Vesna Award for Best Student Film and the Restart Award for Best Student Film went to the film Distant Memory(Valerie Wolf Gang).

The Vesna Award for Best Actress was received by Mojca Fatur (Four Things I Wanted To Do With You), who also convinced the relevant jury and received the Stop Magazine Award for Best Actress of the Year as well. The Vesna Award for Best Actor went to Ivo Barišič (Love on the Roof of the World).

The Vesna Award for Best Script went to Darko Sinko’s Schoolmates, while Jan Cvitkovič’s Love on the Roof of the World received the Vesna Award for Best Director. The same film also received the Vesna Award for Best Short Film.

As far as supporting actors were concerned, the jury was most impressed with Jurij Drevenšek and Nika Rozman from Idyll. The Vesna Award for Best Photography went to Marko Brdar (The High Sun), while the Vesna Award for Best Music went to Niko Novak (Love on the Roof of the World). The Vesna Award for Best Editing was received by Jurij Moškon (The Beat of Love).

The High Sun by Dalibor Matanić received the Slovenian Art Cinema Network Award, while the Association of Slovenian Film Critics gave its award to the film Case: Osterberg (Matej Nahtigal).

The following awards were also given:

Vesna Award for Best Animated Film: Zippity Zappity (directed by Jernej Žmitek and Boris Dolenc, produced by Invida)

Vesna Award for Best Experimental Film: Composition (directed by Mitja Manček)

Vesna Award for Best Editing: Jurij Moškon (The Beat of Love, directed by Boris Petkovič, produced by Gustav Film)

Vesna Award for Best Production Design: Gregor Nartnik (Idyll, directed by Tomaž Gorkič, produced by Zavod Blade produkcija)

Vesna Award for Special Achievements: The Little Prince (directed by Matej Peljhan, produced by Staragara)

Article by Slovenian Film Center