‘Rainbow’s 15’ documentary premiere

On 12th of June there was a premiere of a documentary ‘Rainbow’s 15’, which is a film about the 15 years of LGBT community in Slovenia (15 years since the firs gay pride parade).


Camera : Rebeka Bernetič
Sound: Andor Sperling
Editing and postproduction: Velerie Wolfgang
Director : Simona Jerala
Production: Društvo Parada Ponosa
Executive producer: Simona Muršec
Archive footage: Nika Belcijan, Eva Simetinger, Tanja Luketina, Roman Kuhar, Simona Jerala
Special thanks: Simona Muršec, Christopher Patz, Bill Nichols, Rajan Kathet, Alexander Mihalkovich, Eames Mensah Agyapong, Eva Simetinger, Miha Kelemina, Cafe Kolaž, Pritličje, Daktari, Botanični vrt, Radio Študent, Škuc LL, SZFE
Film was financaly supported by dr. Igor Šoltes and Skupina Zelenih v Evropskem Parlamentu

Before the premiere there was also a screening of selection of short films which were made under the mentorship of Valerie Wolf Gang on the workshop ‘Film and Video production’, which was happening in May and June 2015.

In the selection of 7 short films you can see interesting works in different genres: fiction, experimental, documentary, video poetry etc, which were inspired by LGBT issues. Most authors don’t have any previous experience, so therefore it was their first time acquainted with a recording techniques, pre-production process, basic of screen-writing and storytelling, storyboard making, production, editing and post-production. So in a short time they learned the basics in the workshop which thus allowed them to creatively express themselves in the form of a short films, which were publicly premiered on 12th of June.

Omnibus of selected films is now also available online:

Photos from the premiere:

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photos: Rebeka Bernetič, Eva Simetinger

Some snapshots from the workshop:

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photos: Urša Čuk, Polona Černič