Photos & video from the opening: An Artist Abroad / Portugal 2015


Photos from exhibition “An Artist Abroad – Video Poetry Anthology by Valerie Wolf Gang“, Art Center, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, April 2015

Exhibition text:

“An Artist Abroad” is a collection of video poetry by artist Valerie Wolf Gang. A project started in August 2014 when Valerie moved to Portugal for a couple of months to explore and research the influence of temporary change of residence, country and culture to artistic production. Beside her research she was creating poetical videos, which show the public the insight of her personal creative evolution.

As a traveling artist, Valerie visited a lot of artist residency in the past (such as Singapore, Italy, Austria, Gambia etc.) and started a blog which became a basic platform for her research and overview of her personal changes in artistic production.

Video poetry “An Artist Abroad” is integrated in the web page and every poem is possible to access through the scan of QR code which will be displayed in the gallery. Every visitor of the gallery can scan the code and play desired poem on their tablets or smart phones. In this way the viewer becomes the curator and decides which video to play, when and where to play it.

The project hasn’t finished yet and it will be published as a book in September 2015, to simbolyse one year cycle of research and to create a physical form of a poetic video format, connected with new media so it creates a bridge between the analog and digital world.

Exhibition “An Artist Abroad” will present the videos to the public for the first time and the Portuguese public will have the honors to view how their country influenced the work and life of Valerie Wolf Gang.

Photos by: Luis Hunchelday

Watch short video trailer of exhibition:

Watch video poems from exhibition: AN ARTIST ABROAD – Video Poetry Anthology