Video and Film Production Workshop / mentor Valerie Wolf Gang

In May 2015 Valerie Wolf Gang is making a short visit to Slovenia to mentor a workshop of video and film production,

Workshop of video and film production is designed for those who wish to learn about the basics of film language and want to know the process from idea to premiere. In addition to learning about the traditional film form, we will discover also the integration of our film and video products with social networks and different applications that can serve as an excellent promotion and spread the messages and ideas to the public. The purpose of the workshop is to present a variety of options to create good film or video, without the expensive equipment which is no longer a restriction and a measure of quality products. The workshop will be mostly practical spirit, as each participant will work on his project, which will be shown publicly on the final premiere in Ljubljana (Slovenia). Participants will also be able to become official video reporters from various venues of Ljubljana Pride, so we will set up a “live streaming” end explore variety of web applications to expand short contributions from different venues.

You can read more information about the workshop and apply here: Official weboage + APPLICATION


Official webpage + application.