project: Made In China

MADE IN CHINA is a multiple, an art form originating in the crazy sixties. The objects in front of you are a part of the first organized attempt to produce it in Slovenia. A few prominent Slovenian artists created editions, which represent the essence of their art, especially for MADE IN CHINA, and sometimes they added practicality as an unexpected element.MADE IN CHINA is not for rich people, but for aficionados of contemporary art and urban culture, who can now afford to buy a work of art and give it to their friends as a present. MADE IN CHINA is conceived as art to be sold, and consequentially it will find its way into the homes of many, and not merely the selected few. MADE IN CHINA is an idea that allows for the artist to experiment. Each MADE IN CHINA object emerges from the artist’s practice or an individual work of art. Each and every one of them was designed by a contemporary artist, who, just like you, lives a full life.

Similar to the past, the multiple continues to spread ideas in the present. It is a form of art that is capable of reaching each and every individual. In everyday life it serves the one who purchased it. He can use it to put down flowers, during a special experience on the beach, to improve his sleep … Sometimes pleasure is provided by the use of the multiple which differs from its everyday use. The multiple is aimed at experiencing art, without visiting the gallery or purchasing an original. It is created so that you can get to know the artist and contemporary art. MADE IN CHINA serves you as well as art. And we are not going to attempt to fool you – it is also good for us. Every purchase of a multiple brings us closer to our goal of bringing MADE IN CHINA into every little part of the world!

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Documentation of the project Made in China by Valerie Wolf Gang:

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photo: Valerie Wolf Gang