On Friday, 27th of September 2013, there was a public presentation of a diploma work “Director’s role in video installation” by Valerie Wolf Gang (/Valerija Zabret). The presentation was successful and so Valerie got the title of BA of Arts (Digital Arts and Practices). She was also awarded with the award Alumnus Optimus – best student in the generation.


Public announcement of the diploma presentation.

Diploma mentors are:

theoretical part: dr. Petja Grafenauer

practical part: prof. Rene Rusjan



The theoretical part of the diploma thesis focuses on the origin and the development

of video art, where certain authors and periods and also the important role of

technological development in video art are highlighted. More specifically, as I wanted

to research more thoroughly the field within which I am also creating, my focus was

on video art in Slovenia.

In the introductory part, my development from video to video installation and also my

transition from the film to the video are demonstrated. Besides the process that has

led me to this art form, a concrete development of my video installations, from the

first installation ″Animal atomic bomb″ to the thesis work ″FREEDOM 2.0″ are also

presented. The concepts and the technical settings are brefly described, and the idea

and the circumstances that have led me to the video installations are presented.

Moreover, the reasons why I have decided for such an art form, what is my work

method, considering that the basis and the source of inspiration in my work is drawn

from the film world, and which principles are applied during the creating process and

placing the video installations are presented as well.

The practical part of thesis work – video installation ″FREEDOM 2.0″ was produced

during my residential stay in Singapore, the documentation for opening the exibition

and the video used in the installation, I also presented in the concluding school

exibition in Slovenia. This is indicated in the final part of my thesis work, where the

work process, that was performed behind the scenes of video installation, is

displayed in details. Once again, in this video installation I had a role of the author

and the director, and I was thinking if the roles are also as theoretically defined in this

art technique as they are in the film world.


video, video installation, video art, artist, videast, video artist, history, film,

development, technology.

– Valerie Wolf Gang

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