VŠU annual exhibition & premiere of music video @Cyberpipe Cinema

Two events happened yesterday, one was annual exhibition of School of Arts University of Nova Gorica where Valérie Wolf Gang exhibited one of her video installations. It was a remake of her installation FREEDOM 2.0, which was exhibited as a documentation of video installation, the concept was the same but it was set in different environment so you could see the original video used in installation and also the opening of the exhibition which happened in Singapore (read more about it here: CLICK). On display was also the original barbed wire from Singapore and it was all set in a narrow hallway so visitors had to cross in between. The exhibition was set in Palace Alvarez, see more photos from the opening here: CLICK.

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20130529_151932-001 2013-05-razstava-1692013-05-razstava-330 2013-05-razstava-331Photos by Tina Smrekar 

Also there was a premiere of new music video in Cyberpipe Cinema! It is now also online.

Video will be a part of a Dj Spade album: Jack Of Spades. It is a promotion song of an upcoming slovenian rap music compilation. Besides male rappers the album will also present us singer Leila. Music on album is not socially critical, it is direct, resigned with cruel reality but still offers us solutions. Drum’n’bass, rap, cracking and female wisdom, therefore, the combination of spring 2013.

20130530_214843(0)-001 20130530_220439-001

Leila & Spade – Mimogrede (Nedj & Neonlight – Hammerhead);
tekst: Leila;
mix, master: Novak Tunjić , Len Art, Al Kajla production

screenplay: Leila Aleksandra Jelić; 
directing: Valérie Wolf Gang; 
dop & camera 1: Tine Potocnik; 
camera 2: Urša B. Potokar; 
make-up, accessories: Marussa Ojstersek; 
photography: Alan Štelcer; 
styling, assistant: Noli Rexhepi; 
nails, costumes in assistant: Sarah Brown; 
editing: Denis Bsnc; 
location: studio Mimi Antolovic