coming up: THE PARIS PROJECT / Instagram report

Valérie Wolf Gang spent last couple of days in Paris, filming for a new project coming up soon. Below you can see some Instagram photos from “the Paris project”. Follow Valérie on Instagram and get some insight in her personal everyday activities and daily life.

IMG_20130518_143652 IMG_20130519_012134 IMG_20130519_090630 IMG_20130519_091036 IMG_20130519_115344 IMG_20130519_121109 IMG_20130519_174209 IMG_20130519_201035 IMG_20130519_230856 IMG_20130520_010311 IMG_20130520_102237 IMG_20130521_002534 IMG_20130521_003512 IMG_20130521_132930 IMG_20130521_133958 IMG_20130521_140224 IMG_20130521_205736 IMG_20130522_001455 IMG_20130522_014922 IMG_20130522_091127 IMG_20130523_011914 IMG_20130523_012536 IMG_20130523_164947NOTE: The project will be exhibited in May 2014 at Gallery Inkubator in Zagreb, Croatia as a solo exhibition.