Bride’s Harp / ESSL AWARDS / New Year

It’s been a while since my last news update, but I haven’t been resting! I’m still working as a director on TV and also doing some projects beside it. Last thing I filmed was the performance named: BRIDE’S HARP/ THE ONE WHO SINGS, PRAYS TWICE which I’m making promo video now. But first I’m taking a break for a week and “escaping” into a remote vineyard to get some new energy, ideas and inspiration. And to rest of course. If you work too much you can push too hard. So every now and then I’m taking a break which is great and always works!


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Some snapshots from the video/performance Bride’s Harp

Also another great news before I end year 2012: I was nominated for the ESSL Awards by Essl Contemporary Arts Museum in Austria which gives award every two years to two most promising young artists in the field of fine arts. I’m very glad I was nominated, but getting the award would be amazing, so let’s have our fingers crossed!

And what will the new year 2013 bring us? Let’s hope that every day of our life will get better – we should never give up and always continue our journey! And what is my secret to happiness? I love what I do, I’m always doing what I like to do, I never doubt my thoughts, I always listen to my heart, I laugh a lot, I love a lot, I enjoy good food, I drink lot’s of water, I don’t drink alcohol or smoke anything, I don’t use drugs, I love long walks with my dog in the nature, I would never like to live in a massive city, I enjoy good company, I am optimist, I don’t hang out with negative people, I am aware that I only have one life and I live with this thought in my head every day and I don’t let anyone tell me how to live my life. I know how.

Wish you all the best, stay true to yourself and let the year 2013 give you all that you want! :*