A GRAND CONCERT, Celebrating the 120th Anniversary of the Ljubljana Opera Building / behind the scenes

I’m working behind the camera these days (live capturing on the big screen) in Slovenian National Opera because soon it’s going to be a special grand concert, celebrating the 120th anniversary of the Ljubljana Opera building. The festive concert will feature all the ensembles of the SNG Opera in balet Ljubljana, i.e. Opera and Ballet Soloists, Opera and Ballet Choir, Orchestra and Conductors, who will be joined by the Slovenian artists, engaged abroad as well as foreign guests, specially invited for the occasion. The performing artists will present selected arias, duets, choral and orchestral excerpts as well as a selection of the most beautiful fragments from the company’s ballet treasure trove. The concert will mark the highlights of more then 100 years of our musical theatre, including the most famous works from our opera and ballet historic repertoire, upgraded with the set design, to present numerous new technical capacities of our theatre’s stage. The festive concert will be directed by Neda R. Bric. A whole range of other events, i.e. concerts, exhibitions, etc. will also take place to mark this theatre’s special anniversary as at the time of the festive concert as well as throughout the entire season.

Here are some “behind the scenes shoots” which I randomly took doing our rehearsals. Tomorrow is our last one and the premiere will be on Friday, 26. October 2012. Soon.

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Some online articles about the event (in Slovenian language):




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