location scouting + premiere of documentary: Razmerja (Relationships)

Today is another busy day. But before I run out to do today’s location scouting (tomorrow I’m filming a special project/performance) I wanted to share this information with you.

Documentary Razmerja (Relationships) is almost finished and it’s been approved that the premiere of the documentary will be in Kinoteka on 3. 11. 2012 at 18:00. See you there!

About documentary:

Razmerja (Relationships) is a documentary about 25 years of lesbian group ŠKUC-LL Ljubljana and also about lesbian movement in former Yugoslavia. It’s also about gay, queer, transsexual position in the context of economy, culture, art and law. 

Also for those who haven’t seen it yet: film Angelina is screened again in Kinoteka  on 24th of August 2012 at 20:oo! Welcome!

Tomorrow is also the day that exhibition UMETNOST SANJARJENJA (Art Of Dreaming) is over so on Monday we’re putting it down and I hope you enjoyed it.