Singapore / Tropical Lab / Opening of the exhibition: LAND

Just returned back to the hotel from the opening of exhibition Tropical Lab: LAND, which is on display in the gallery of Institute of Contemporary Art in Singapore until 15th of August. I am exhibiting one of my recent works: FREEDOM 2.0. Beside me, there are also exhibiting young and talented artists from all over the world (Asia, Europe, USA…). Amazing exhibition which you have to see!

My video installation FREEDOM 2.0:

Process that I used for my video installation:
1. coming to Singapore = inspiration
2. inspiration = write a poem
3. poem = inspiration for filming
4. filming = storyboard
5. storyboard = editing video
6. editing video = wider story
7. wider story = exploring our freedom
8. exploring our freedom = barbed wire
9. barbed wire = security gates
10. security gates = installation
11. installation = wood + barbed wire + video + poetry
12. wood + barbed wire + video + poetry = FREEDOM 2.0

Some photos from the opening:

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