invitation to exhibition: UMETNOST SANJARJENJA (Art of dreaming)

You’re welcome to come to the exhibition UMETNOST SANJARJENJA ART OF DREAMING, where I will be presenting one special installation, which was never set up before. I won’t tell much, you will see on the event. Maybe just a hint: inspiration for the installation comes from one of my short films ČEZ 10 LET IN 10 YEARS where I was discovering what builds our character and our future. Do we have a destiny or do some random moments impact us and change our “path of life”? Can things from our childhood change our perspectives in life forever? Can bad memories be erased and can we start to live new and better life? Just some questions that inspired me for this installation. You can see more on the opening of the exhibition which will be on July 12th, 2012 in Gallery Miklova hiša in Ribnica, Slovenia, at 20:00!

At the same day, you can also attend some other activities before the opening:

  • 17:00 = New European art film (Borut Holland, Simon Macuh), Quantum film, a performative lecture
  • 17:45 = Špela Petrič and Maja Smrekar, presentation of the project “Circadian Drift”
  • 18:00 = A phenomena of dreaming, discussion of the artists
  • 20:00 = presentation of catalog and opening of exhibition 
I scanned the invitation, you can click on it (to maximize) and find more information on it (in Slovene language):


curator and concept of exhibition: Petra Kapš

artists: Iva Tratnik, Borut Holland, Simon Macuh, Jure Markota, Ikara Černe, Boris Beja, Eva Petrič, Oliver Pilić, Anja Kranjc, Tejka Pezdirc, Saša Furlan, Ana Kerin, Noemi Veberič Levovnik, Valérie Wolf Gang, Maja Smrekar, Mateja Lukežič, Len Černe, Meta Kastelic, Urška Debevc, Iva Musović, Špela Petrič

exhibition is sponsored by Ministry of education, science, culture and sport of Republic of Slovenia and Municipality Ribnica