AFRICA 18:00 / photo & video installation / trailer

I promised that I will write a concept behind the AFRICA 18:00 photo & video installation which I recently had. And you can also watch a short trailer from the opening, showing how it’s presented in the space.


When you leave for a long journey and your closest family and friends are asking you what’s going on and how does everything look like and then suddenly you decide before the trip that you will take photo no mater what every day at exactly 18:00. You will take 2 photos with fisheye lens (180 degrees viewing angle): one to show what’s in front of you and one to show you and the world behind you. So you can picture full 360 degrees viewing angle – every day of your trip at exactly 18:00.

The road was long, towns and places started to look more and more remotely with each kilometer and every day at 18:00 the time stopped. This time is exhibited here in front of you (Africa 18:00).

Videos on the big screen shows what was happening each day between this “time pauses”.

AFRICA 18:00 is photo and video installation which shows my African experience and I’m trying to picture to the viewer of exhibition how this road and journey looked like – “real time” places and happenings at exact 18:00 (photos) and the things that were happening in between (video).

When you decide that you will take photos of your life each day at exact time, you start to really feel transience and you became aware of the small details. Sun was going down each day. I didn’t miss the toilet any more. The wind got it’s own sound. In the desert you can really hear the beat of your own heart.