documentary: Parada ponosa Ljubljana 2012 / Ljubljana Pride 2012

I just returned from Ljubljana where I filmed Ljubljana Pride 2012 – documentary about 25 years of lesbian scene in Slovenia, directed by Marina Gržinič.

It was my first time that I intended this kind of parade and I was pleasantly surprised – even if I was behind the camera. The atmosphere was great and relaxed, lot’s of positive people and the crowd was loud and cheerful. I’ve heard some great speeches on the stage and lot’s of interesting comments. I was surprised when mayor of Ljubljana (Zoran Janković) came on stage and told everyone that he will continue to fight for equal rights for everybody, that’s something that you don’t hear often from Slovenian politicians. This year we had a referendum about new “family law” in which also gay couples got more rights, and people voted against it. Of course Slovenian religious societies told people to vote against it before referendum and they did. There were lot’s of lies and other things involved in the campaign, I was shocked that people believe those lies and don’t think with their own head. But let’s leave it there, what happened happened. Now we have to stay positive and believe in positive energy and love.

In general I’m really happy with Slovenians, but I’m very disappointed about politicians. Today I got the feeling that people really don’t care who’s your partner and that they just want to have good company and enjoy good music, laughs, jokes, good weather… No one really cares much about who’s with who – politicians intend to make things more complicated and want to make people fight each other so everyone focuses on something else and not on their own mistakes. We should really stop hating each other and stand together against corrupt and stupid politicians.

Slovenian band “Slon & Sadež” prepared really funny show, they made remakes of “traditional Slovenian songs” and some ironical jokes about homosexuals, Church, Slovenians and old traditions. They were also dressed in national Slovenian folk costumes.

It was great, next year I’m definitely going again – behind or in front of the camera.

Here are some screenshots from the video material which I filmed today, you’re the first to see some “sneak peak” of the film before it comes out (in October) 😉

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