Potovanje nazaj / Traveling back – behind the scenes, short film

Some photos from behind the scenes of short film “Potovanje nazaj” (Traveling back). Directed by Anja Perše, camera/DOP by me and actors Mojca Konda, Marko Poljak, Jan Perše, Peter Mišic, Barbara Imperl, Matjaž Perše.

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  1. Anja says:

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    Behind the scenes of my new short film.

  2. Kako ona roka prepričljivo izgleda! Me prav zanima končen produkt!

  3. […] things, like fashion film “Lucid dreams in a mechanical world” which I directed and film “Traveling back” by Anja Perše where I was DOP. There was also showed some short videos from our performance from Kino Šiška and […]

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