Náhodný / installation

“Náhodný” means “random” in Czech language.

Installation, which was set in Ljubljana, contains 3 videos. One of them is this one which shows 700 km of driving from Prague to Ljubljana in fast forward:

Second video shows the same road backwards (Ljubljana, Prague) and the third one contains snapshots from life in Prague where I spend last half of the year studying on FAMU film academy.

Installation was set up with Marija Laura Potočnik, who does special style with ropes called “netizem”. We decided for colors: red, white and blue which symbolize the colors of the Czech and Slovenian flag. Ropes connected all the screens and they also made a special “hallway” where visitors had to cross in order to come on the other side. Ropes symbolize roads and connections between countries and people. 700 km may seem distant but you can cross them in a second if your horizons are open for new challenges and connections.

video, foto, editing: Valérie Wolf Gang
installation: Marija Laura Potočnik
music: Naos

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