Fixing the sound, setting up the exhibition and then: AFRICA

Last couple of days everything is so mixed up: I’m setting up the exhibition for school, organizing my things in Slovenia and preparing for Africa. I’m leaving next week for Budapes-Bamako which I will film. I’m excited but also a little nervous because I still haven’t finished everything so my mind is still not focused. It’s everywhere! Yesterday we recorded a song which we gonna use in one of our videos on exhibition and today I spent behind the computer all day, editing. I really don’t like rendering, it takes so much time… But what can we do, that’s the way it is. I’m really excited to go to Africa, I need some time away from computers and civilisation. I hope we’ll be safe, you can see the trailer of our race here:

I’m also planning to do some photo series and maybe later do an exhibition. We will see how much time I will have beside filming. My camera is ready and I’m almost on my way to Africa!