From broken aquarium and lottery to postproduction

Today… Well it all started with a broken aquarium. It broke and the water leaked out. But we managed to save the fish and they are both okay. We put them in the plastic box and had to find the solution very fast! And we did! Even though its Sunday… But we drove to Maribor and got a new one. Boris and Franci (the fish) are now happy again. It was about time to change the aquarium, I will probably buy one bigger (500 liters) soon.

And after the morning incident we could finally start with postproduction again. It was just another day at the office and we had some “help” from my cat Maj and dog Aaron. We also played the lottery and I think I had some luck but I won’t tell you more. It was actually the first time I did it and the rules are still a little bit weird for me but it was funny.

Now I have to take my father to the airport to catch the morning plane and then I can finally go to bed.

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