From Netherlands to Japan

Nothing special about today. Well, every day is special if you look from another perspective. What’s going on? I miss bigger projects, but I’m working on couple of small ones. I’ve got a call from Netherlands today and I dedicated this day for it. I have to come up with the idea for food commercial and I have to say that my imagination has never let me down.

At the moment I’m writing ideas in my Moleskine notebook (which I have to say is great by the way, but it’s almost full so I ordered a couple of them via online shop yesterday) and I check couple of things on the computer once in a while. I have the page of  Ikea opened because we’ll go there tomorrow to look for some furniture. I’ll soon renovate my apartment and I always find some great things at Ikea. I’m still a little bit disappointed about the fact that Ikea doesn’t have any shops in Slovenia, so we’ll have to go to Italy. But it’s okay, the trip will be cool anyway.

And I got one great offer yesterday which involves me moving to Japan for 3 months, but I’ll have to think this one a little because I’m moving to Prague in three weeks so I don’t know where can I fit Japan. We’ll see. I will give priority for the projects that involve my creativity. After all: that’s what I love to do.

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